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file001&002-Excuse Me.mp32020-03-07 10:57882 KB
file001&002-Excuse Me.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file003&004-Sorry, Sir..mp32020-03-07 10:571331 KB
file003&004-Sorry, Sir..txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file005&006-Nice to Meet You..mp32020-03-07 10:571717 KB
file005&006-Nice to Meet You..txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file007&008-Are You a Teacher.mp32020-03-07 10:571451 KB
file007&008-Are You a Teacher.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file009&010-How Are You Today.mp32020-03-07 10:571216 KB
file009&010-How Are You Today.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file011&012-Is This Your Shirt.mp32020-03-07 10:571415 KB
file011&012-Is This Your Shirt.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file013&014-A New Dress.mp32020-03-07 10:571318 KB
file013&014-A New Dress.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file015&016-Your Passports, Please..mp32020-03-07 10:571621 KB
file015&016-Your Passports, Please..txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file017&018-How do you do.mp32020-03-07 10:571638 KB
file017&018-How do you do.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file019&020-Tired and Thirsty.mp32020-03-07 10:571412 KB
file019&020-Tired and Thirsty.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file021&022-Which Book.mp32020-03-07 10:57959 KB
file021&022-Which Book.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file023&024-Which Glasses.mp32020-03-07 10:57999 KB
file023&024-Which Glasses.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file025&026-Mrs. Smith's Kitchen.mp32020-03-07 10:571582 KB
file025&026-Mrs. Smith's Kitchen.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file027&028-Mrs. Smith's Living Room.mp32020-03-07 10:571689 KB
file027&028-Mrs. Smith's Living Room.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file029&030-Come In, Amy..mp32020-03-07 10:571282 KB
file029&030-Come In, Amy..txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file031&032-Where's Sally.mp32020-03-07 10:571394 KB
file031&032-Where's Sally.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file033&034-A Fine Day.mp32020-03-07 10:571549 KB
file033&034-A Fine Day.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file035&036-Our Village.mp32020-03-07 10:571879 KB
file035&036-Our Village.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file037&038-Making a Bookcase.mp32020-03-07 10:571638 KB
file037&038-Making a Bookcase.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file039&040-Don't Drop It.mp32020-03-07 10:571306 KB
file039&040-Don't Drop It.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file041&042-Penny's Bag.mp32020-03-07 10:571237 KB
file041&042-Penny's Bag.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file043&044-Hurry Up.mp32020-03-07 10:571512 KB
file043&044-Hurry Up.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file045&046-The Boss's Letter.mp32020-03-07 10:571393 KB
file045&046-The Boss's Letter.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file047&048-A Cup of Coffee.mp32020-03-07 10:571218 KB
file047&048-A Cup of Coffee.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file049&050-At the Butcher's.mp32020-03-07 10:571468 KB
file049&050-At the Butcher's.txt2020-03-07 10:570 KB
file051&052-A Pleasant Climate.mp32020-03-07 10:571797 KB
file051&052-A Pleasant Climate.txt2020-03-07 10:571 KB
file053&054-An Interesting Climate.mp32020-03-07 10:571751 KB
file053&054-An Interesting Climate.txt2020-03-07 10:571 KB
file055&056-The Sawyer Family.mp32020-03-07 10:581714 KB
file055&056-The Sawyer Family.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file057&058-An Unusual Day.mp32020-03-07 10:581841 KB
file057&058-An Unusual Day.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file059&060-Is That All.mp32020-03-07 10:581398 KB
file059&060-Is That All.txt2020-03-07 10:580 KB
file061&062-A Bad Cold.mp32020-03-07 10:581484 KB
file061&062-A Bad Cold.txt2020-03-07 10:580 KB
file063&064-Thank You, Doctor..mp32020-03-07 10:581656 KB
file063&064-Thank You, Doctor..txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file065&066-Not a Baby.mp32020-03-07 10:581633 KB
file065&066-Not a Baby.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file067&068-The Weekend.mp32020-03-07 10:581412 KB
file067&068-The Weekend.txt2020-03-07 10:580 KB
file069&070-The Car Race.mp32020-03-07 10:581725 KB
file069&070-The Car Race.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file071&072-He's Awful.mp32020-03-07 10:581918 KB
file071&072-He's Awful.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file073&074-The Way to King Street.mp32020-03-07 10:581684 KB
file073&074-The Way to King Street.txt2020-03-07 10:580 KB
file075&076-Uncomfortable Shoes.mp32020-03-07 10:581554 KB
file075&076-Uncomfortable Shoes.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file077&078-Terrible Toothache.mp32020-03-07 10:581684 KB
file077&078-Terrible Toothache.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file079&080-Carol's Shopping List.mp32020-03-07 10:581576 KB
file079&080-Carol's Shopping List.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file081&082-Roast Beef and Potatoes.mp32020-03-07 10:581511 KB
file081&082-Roast Beef and Potatoes.txt2020-03-07 10:580 KB
file083&084-Going on Holiday.mp32020-03-07 10:581567 KB
file083&084-Going on Holiday.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file085&086-Paris in the Spring..mp32020-03-07 10:581538 KB
file085&086-Paris in the Spring..txt2020-03-07 10:580 KB
file087&088-A Car Crash.mp32020-03-07 10:581690 KB
file087&088-A Car Crash.txt2020-03-07 10:581 KB
file089&090-For Sale.mp32020-03-07 10:591799 KB
file089&090-For Sale.txt2020-03-07 10:591 KB
file091&092-Poor Ian.mp32020-03-07 10:591837 KB
file091&092-Poor Ian.txt2020-03-07 10:591 KB
file093&094-Our New Neighbour.mp32020-03-07 10:591288 KB
file093&094-Our New Neighbour.txt2020-03-07 10:590 KB
file095&096-Tickets, Please..mp32020-03-07 11:001692 KB
file095&096-Tickets, Please..txt2020-03-07 11:001 KB
file097&098-A Small Blue Case.mp32020-03-07 11:001709 KB
file097&098-A Small Blue Case.txt2020-03-07 11:001 KB
file099&100-Ow.mp32020-03-07 11:011272 KB
file099&100-Ow.txt2020-03-07 11:010 KB
file101&102-A Card From Jimmy.mp32020-03-07 11:011873 KB
file101&102-A Card From Jimmy.txt2020-03-07 11:011 KB
file103&104-The French Test.mp32020-03-07 11:011519 KB
file103&104-The French Test.txt2020-03-07 11:011 KB
file105&106-Full of Mistakes.mp32020-03-07 11:011539 KB
file105&106-Full of Mistakes.txt2020-03-07 11:011 KB
file107&108-It's Too Small..mp32020-03-07 11:021583 KB
file107&108-It's Too Small..txt2020-03-07 11:021 KB
file109&110-A Good Idea.mp32020-03-07 11:021463 KB
file109&110-A Good Idea.txt2020-03-07 11:021 KB
file111&112-The Most Expensive Model.mp32020-03-07 11:021801 KB
file111&112-The Most Expensive Model.txt2020-03-07 11:021 KB
file113&114-Small Change.mp32020-03-07 11:021497 KB
file113&114-Small Change.txt2020-03-07 11:021 KB
file115&116-Knock, Knock.mp32020-03-07 11:021499 KB
file115&116-Knock, Knock.txt2020-03-07 11:021 KB
file117&118-Tommy's Breakfast.mp32020-03-07 11:031539 KB
file117&118-Tommy's Breakfast.txt2020-03-07 11:031 KB
file119&120-A True Story.mp32020-03-07 11:041672 KB
file119&120-A True Story.txt2020-03-07 11:041 KB
file121&122-The Man in a Hat.mp32020-03-07 11:051567 KB
file121&122-The Man in a Hat.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file123&124-A Trip to Australia.mp32020-03-07 11:051537 KB
file123&124-A Trip to Australia.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file125&126-Tea for Two.mp32020-03-07 11:051374 KB
file125&126-Tea for Two.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file127&128-A Famous Actress.mp32020-03-07 11:051766 KB
file127&128-A Famous Actress.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file129&130-Seventy Miles an Hour.mp32020-03-07 11:051741 KB
file129&130-Seventy Miles an Hour.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file131&132-Don't be So Sure.mp32020-03-07 11:051608 KB
file131&132-Don't be So Sure.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file133&134-Sensational News.mp32020-03-07 11:051526 KB
file133&134-Sensational News.txt2020-03-07 11:051 KB
file135&136-The Latest Report.mp32020-03-07 11:061760 KB
file135&136-The Latest Report.txt2020-03-07 11:061 KB
file137&138-A Pleasant Dream.mp32020-03-07 11:061719 KB
file137&138-A Pleasant Dream.txt2020-03-07 11:061 KB
file139&140-Is That You, John.mp32020-03-07 11:061710 KB
file139&140-Is That You, John.txt2020-03-07 11:061 KB
file141&142-Sally's First Train Ride.mp32020-03-07 11:062026 KB
file141&142-Sally's First Train Ride.txt2020-03-07 11:061 KB
file143&144-A Walk Through the Woods.mp32020-03-07 11:061789 KB
file143&144-A Walk Through the Woods.txt2020-03-07 11:061 KB